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Keyless Access

Thanks to the integration with PMS, Booking and Airbnb,etc.The guest receives a link to access the web-app and complete the online check-in.

Anti Covid-19

Keyless Access

After you have confirmed their identity, the guest will be able to access the opening door on the web-app.

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Contactless Check-In

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for airbnb

Contactless access,keyless entry managing,remotely housekeeper managing,etc...


for hostel

No need for your guest to download an app and create a login.Immediately after booking, the guest receives a link to complete the online check-in. Housekeeper temporary password entry.etc...

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570 x 780px
570 x 780px

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For hotel,hostel,airbnb,office short rental,etc...

airekey Basic

Work with Booking , Airbnb etc... Seamless connect booking enginies contactless self check-in with PIN entry code,Contactless COVID-19 with Smart Lock Keyless Entry by PIN,Unmanned digital reception

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Import 20+booking engines. Immediately after booking, the guest receives a link to complete the online check-in with 6 keyless entry ways,housekeeper smart card,VIP NFC card,etc.

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Airekey VIP

Customized booking API ,Welcome video call online,Set a time for one card open multiple doors +Report unlock record ,

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